Data Cabling Organization – Before & After

Unfortunately, improper data cabling exists in many data centers.  Sometimes companies inherit a mess and are afraid of touching it (“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”), while others have poor (or no) plans in place and connect cables haphazardly, resulting in a cabling disaster.

Proper organization of these cables is not just for aesthetics; it will actually make your data center more manageable and require much less time for maintenance and support.

Data Cabling Nightmares – Before & After

Please fill out the cabling questionnaire at the right to request a PTS consultation about your data cabling project.  Meanwhile, here are a few before/after photos of two of our many recent data cabling projects.

Before After
Cabling - Before (02) Cabling - After (02)
Follet - Cabling (10)

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