Data Center Cabling Installation

data-center-cabling-installation-02PTS installs infrastructure components to support the critical data transport devices and the associated cabling within your server room, data center or colocation environment. From the ladder rack/cable tray pathways, supported and installed per BICSI standards, down to server/switch cabinets, cross connects, and standard rack systems, all components are properly grounded and bonded, so as to eliminate the risk of equipment failures due to lightning strikes, or surges throughout your facility.

Deployment of high density switch and blade server environments requires higher cable counts in smaller spaces. Superior cabling designs and deployments are critical to allow more air-flow around switches, servers and SANs to prolong the lifespan of the active components. Energy consumption (heating/cooling) continues to increase and it is important data cabling design support infrastructure be designed to appropriately to accommodate the network components which will be deployed.

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